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There are various ways to find an apartment either by using services targeted for students (TYS and Retrodorm) or from the private markets. You might be entitled to housing supplement, please find more information here.

Paying rent on time is extremely important. Late rent payments can lead to problems with one’s landlord very quickly, leading at worst to interest payments or even eviction. You should also take good care of the apartment because unless the apartment is returned in the condition when you moved in you may be liable for losing your deposit.

Therefore, home insurance is highly recommended even if it is not required. Otherwise in the event of accidental damage you will be found fully liable. Having proper home insurance will protect you from this as they cover most events excluding deliberate destruction of property.

Recycling is common in Finland and block of flats most often have different containers for glass, metal, paper, bio and mixed waste. Please recycle as it reduces waste management costs and is good for the environment. Extensive guide on recycling can be found here.

Many apartment blocks have common areas for laundry, which can be booked in advance. Some apartments have place for a washing machine, but tenant must usually buy it by themselves. It is not common to use laundry service in Finland as they are quite expensive. It is also rare to have self-service laundry in the city.

How well do you know Turku? There is a way to know more about different neighborhoods in Turku. Check them out at What is your favorite neighborhood?

TYS (Turun Ylioppilaskyläsäätiö) offers affordable accommodation to students in the student village but also in various locations across Turku.

Retrodorm run by the city of Turku is a great alternative to TYS for exchange students.

If accommodation is not available through either TYS or Retrodorm there are various private alternatives.

Lumo – VVO offers housing services throughout Finland in their buildings.

Vuokraovi is a third-party service through which individuals can find rental apartments.

Oikotie (webpages only in Finnish) is a third-party service through which individuals can find both apartments for rent and for sale.

Moving can be quite a hassle especially when moving to a new city. Therefore, using a professional moving service can free time and ease the process.

Niemi is the leading moving and logistics company in Finland.
phone 020 554 554

Victor Ek is one of the most experienced moving services in the country with over 130 years of experience.
phone 09 125 11 is a cheaper alternative to some of the larger moving companies with students in mind.
phone 010 567 0280

Hemmon kuljetus (web pages only in Finnish) phone 044 3489 195